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Enterprise Staff Augmentation - Red Teaming Engagements

Elevating Your Cybersecurity Capabilities with Expert-Led Red Teaming

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, keeping your defenses sharp and your team skilled is crucial. GoldiKnox’s staff augmentation services, centered around Red Teaming engagements, offer a practical, hands-on approach to strengthening your enterprise’s cybersecurity readiness. Our Red Team experts integrate with your staff, enhancing their skills in key areas and preparing them to face real-world cybersecurity challenges. 

Our Red Teaming Services

Phishing Campaigns

 Realistic Simulation Exercises: Our experts design and execute controlled phishing campaign exercises, simulating various attack scenarios to test and improve your team’s response capabilities. 

Staff Training and Awareness: We provide comprehensive training, equipping your staff with the skills to identify, prevent, and respond effectively to phishing attempts. 

Application Release QA

Quality Assurance in Security: We collaborate with your development teams to integrate security into the QA process of application release, ensuring applications are robust against vulnerabilities. 

Secure Development Lifecycle Integration: Our approach is to embed security within your development lifecycle, from conception to deployment. 


Ransomware Readiness

Ensuring Operational Continuity: We develop comprehensive BCP strategies to ensure that your business operations can continue during and after a disruption. 

 Customized to Your Business Needs: Our plans are tailored to the specific needs and complexities of your business, ensuring maximum effectiveness. 


Threat Modeling

Developing Proactive Defense Strategies: We assist in creating threat models for your systems, identifying potential threats, and developing strategies to mitigate these risks. 

Hands-on Training in Threat Analysis: Our team makes threat modeling approachable and easy teaching your team to analyze and prioritize potential threats with confidence. 

Pen Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing: We conduct thorough penetration tests on your systems, networks, and applications, identifying vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. 

Skill Development in Vulnerability Assessment: Our engagements are designed to also transfer knowledge and skills to your team, enabling them to conduct ongoing assessments independently. 


Physical Security Testing

Test Physical Security Controls 

Why Choose GoldiKnox for Red Teaming?

Expertise and Real-World Experience: Our Red Team comprises seasoned cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in simulating and defending against sophisticated cyber threats. 

Customized Training Approach: We tailor our engagements to the specific needs and context of your enterprise, ensuring relevance and maximum impact. 

Collaborative and Engaging: Our engagements are designed to be interactive and collaborative, fostering a culture of continuous learning and vigilance within your team. 

Empower Your Team with Advanced Cybersecurity Skills 

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