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Offering Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions

DevSecOps Transformation

Transform your DevOps into a DevSecOps team with our intensive 12-week training course. Gain the essential skills and knowledge for incorporating robust security practices into your development lifecycle.

Healthcare & Privacy Law

Deana Fuller, CIPP/E, and her team offer specialized guidance in Healthcare Privacy laws. With a background in HITRUST Auditing, Deana ensures compliance with national and international privacy regulations.

M&A & Cyber Liability

Alex Meuntz JD, a lawyer turned tech expert, offers invaluable insights into Cyber Liability Insurance policies. Specializing in M&A, Alex provides comprehensive assessments, remediation cost estimations, and strategic roadmaps for acquiring parties.

Greenfield Security & Compliance

Kala Kinyon, experienced Start-up advisor and CISO at Goldiknox, excels in designing security programs that grow with your startup. Her approach in building Greenfield Security and Compliance solutions ensures your business is equipped with just the right level of protection for every stage of its journey.

CISO & Staff Augmentation

Rely on the expertise of Mary Gardner, a seasoned CISO with 20 years of experience, to augment your team during crucial periods of growth and change. Enhance your cybersecurity posture with our exceptional team leadership and support.


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