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GoldiKnox - Streamlining Your Path to Compliance

Fractional GRC Program Management for SOC 2, HITRUST, and PCI DSS Audits

Empower Your Startup with Expert Guidance and Cost-Effective Solutions

Navigating the complexities of compliance audits like SOC 2, HITRUST, and PCI DSS can be a daunting task for any startup. GoldiKnox offers a streamlined, affordable pathway to achieving these crucial certifications. Our fractional GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Program Managers specialize in guiding startups through these processes efficiently, ensuring you meet stringent standards without the hefty price tag. 


Why Choose GoldiKnox for Compliance Audits?

Expert Fractional GRC Managers: Our team comprises seasoned GRC professionals who bring a wealth of experience in guiding startups through various compliance audits. 

Cost-Effective Solutions: Partnering with Thoropass, we ensure that your journey to compliance is not only smooth but also economical. 

Customized Approach: Every startup is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor our services to fit your specific needs and business context. 


Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

Your Trustworthiness, Verified

SOC 2 is critical for startups handling customer data, especially if you’re in the SaaS industry. 

Our GRC managers help you implement the required controls and processes, ensuring your systems are secure, available, and confidential. 

We accelerate the preparation and audit process, making SOC 2 compliance attainable in record time. 


Navigating HITRUST Certification

Your Commitment to Healthcare Data Security 

For startups in the healthcare sector, HITRUST certification is a mark of excellence in protecting health information. 

Our experts guide you through the complex HITRUST CSF, helping you understand and implement the necessary security measures. 

We streamline the process, saving you time and resources, while ensuring comprehensive compliance. 


Mastering PCI DSS Audits

Your Assurance in Payment Security 

If your startup handles card payments, PCI DSS compliance is non-negotiable. 

Our fractional GRC managers are adept at navigating the PCI DSS standards, helping you secure your payment systems and data effectively. 

We focus on making the audit process as smooth and swift as possible, minimizing disruption to your business. 

GoldiKnox & Thoropass: A Partnership for Success

Our partnership with Thoropass enhances our ability to offer top-tier services at competitive prices. 

Together, we ensure that achieving compliance is not a financial burden but a value-driven step towards your startup’s growth and success. 

Take the First Step Towards Compliance Today

Expert Guidance: Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience in risk management and contingency planning across various industries. 

Comprehensive Approach: We provide a holistic approach, covering all aspects of contingency planning from analysis to recovery. Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding that every enterprise is unique, we customize our services to align with your specific business requirements and goals. 

Take the First Step Towards Compliance Today

Contact GoldiKnox to learn how our fractional GRC Program Managers can guide your startup to compliance success quickly and affordably.