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Mission Statement of GoldiKnox

At Goldiknox, our mission is to revolutionize cybersecurity by striking the perfect balance between robust security and business agility. Founded by a team of seasoned Chief Information Security Officers, we are committed to delivering ‘just the right amount of security’ – a tailored approach that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. Our expertise lies in well-calibrated risk management, ensuring that your company’s security strategy is not only defensive but also a catalyst for enabling and empowering your business goals. We pride ourselves on being more than just a security consultant; we are your strategic partner, dedicated to understanding and protecting your assets while simultaneously fostering growth and innovation. Our goal is to guide you through the complexities of information security, governance, risk, and compliance, ensuring that your organization is both secure and poised for future success.

Our team

Mary Gardner, CISSP


Mary serves as the Security Strategist and Business Enabler at GoldiKnox, boasting over two decades of experience in Information Security. Throughout her esteemed career, Mary has distinguished herself as a Senior Information Security leader, specializing in Fraud Prevention strategies and Compliance, where she has consistently aided individuals and organizations. Her expertise lies in elevating organizations by crafting and implementing Security Strategies perfectly aligned with their business goals. Additionally, Mary possesses exceptional communication skills, enabling her to convey complex technical concepts and business matters to diverse teams with clarity and effectiveness. Mary embodies the dynamic professional your business seeks, equipped to foster high-performance teams within matrixed and direct management settings, ensuring your organization’s success and growth.

Kala Kinyon


Kala stands out as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) known for creating cost-effective Security Strategies for startups. Her experience as a CTO and CISO for startups led to the development of methods to ensure that emerging businesses can protect their customer data, achieve resilience, and meet compliance requirements while maintaining fiscal prudence. Kala brings her expertise into B2B sales enhancement, acting as a fractional CISO to build and deepen customer trust. This strategic capability enables businesses to cultivate solid and reliable client relationships, promoting growth and securing a safe environment for commercial exchanges. By aligning security measures with business objectives, Kala is an invaluable player for companies aiming to safeguard their operations and broaden their customer base confidently.

Deana Fuller, CIPP/E


Deana excels as GoldiKnox’s Fractional Privacy and Compliance Officer, focusing on elevating global organizations to new heights of Compliance excellence. Her specialization in strategizing for protecting Sensitive and Regulated Data places her at the forefront of her field. With a fruitful career spanning over two decades in the Information Technology industry, Deana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her credentials are bolstered by multiple Privacy, Security, and Risk Management certifications, complemented by a robust legal background. This unique blend of technical and legal acumen enables Deana to navigate the complex landscape of Compliance and data protection easily, making her an indispensable asset to any organization striving to maintain the highest data privacy and Compliance standards.

Alex Muentz, J.D


GoldiKnox proudly welcomes Alex as our esteemed M&A and Cyber Liability expert. Boasting over a decade in Cybersecurity and a rich IT background, Alex uniquely combines his information security expertise with a law degree, enhancing his ability to navigate the complicated interplay between Cybersecurity and legal frameworks. Recognized for his scholarly contributions and teachings at Temple University and renowned IT conferences like HOPE, Defcon, Shmoocon, and Pumpcon, Alex is also licensed to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His role at GoldiKnox positions him as a pivotal asset for clients seeking to fortify their strategies against cyber threats while ensuring Compliance and legal integrity in mergers, acquisitions, and beyond.

Joel Voss


Joel is our Senior Security Consultant at GoldiKnox, known for his transition from a skilled programmer to a proficient penetration tester over his 20-year career in software security. Joel holds a degree in Physics; he applies scientific rigor to his work, consistently engaging with the latest research and innovations in the field. Joel’s expertise is not only in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities but also in his deep commitment to the continuous advancement of secure software development practices. For clients, Joel’s approach means a partnership with someone deeply versed in the most current security methodologies, ensuring their digital infrastructures are resilient against sophisticated cyber threats.

Leah Austin


Leah, a founder of GoldiKnox and a Chicago Booth School of Business graduate, leverages her extensive management consulting background to guide the company and its clients toward operational excellence. She expertly melds Security, Compliance Risks, and business objectives, offering Strategic Business Management consulting services. Known for her clear and persuasive communication, Leah effectively liaises with stakeholders at all levels, including external partners, clients, and C-suite executives. Leah’s expertise will significantly benefit clients aiming to integrate their Security and Compliance strategies with their business goals. Her strategic input ensures security and promotes business efficiency, navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.