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Expert CISO Guidance & Legal Support for Your Cyber Liability Coverage

Securing Your Startup's Digital Future

In a world where digital threats loom large, protecting your startup with the right cyber liability insurance is not just an option – it's a necessity. Startups, unique in their needs and vulnerabilities, require a nuanced approach to cybersecurity and liability coverage. That's where GoldiKnox steps in.

Unparalleled Expertise: Combining CISO Experience with Legal Insight

At GoldiKnox, we understand the complex interplay between technology and law. Our unique service blends the deep cybersecurity insights of a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the confidentiality and precision of legal expertise. When you work with us, you're not just safeguarding your startup; you're accessing a level of guidance and protection that stands apart in the cybersecurity realm.

How We Help?

Assessing Risk

Tailored Strategies for Your Startup 

Your Cybersecurity Blueprint 

Our CISO experts dive deep into your startup’s digital infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities and risk areas. 

We provide a detailed assessment, translating complex cybersecurity jargon into actionable insights. 

You’ll receive customized recommendations on coverage types and levels, ensuring your insurance is as agile and dynamic as your startup. 

Getting Coverage

Navigating the Maze with Confidence 

Your Guide in the Insurance World 

Leverage our insider knowledge to find the most comprehensive and cost-effective cyber liability insurance options. 

Benefit from attorney-client privilege, ensuring your consultations remain confidential and legally sound. 

We demystify the insurance process, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business goals. 

Incident Response and Reimbursement

Ready for Anything 

Your Action Plan in Times of Need 

GoldiKnox equips you with robust incident response strategies, minimizing potential disruptions to your operations. 

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, our team guides you through the claims process, advocating for your rightful reimbursement. 

We stay by your side, ensuring that your startup navigates post-incident challenges with expert support. 

Why GoldiKnox?

Our commitment goes beyond traditional consulting. We offer a partnership where your startup’s digital security is managed with expert knowledge and legal precision. The synergy of CISO experience and legal guidance under one roof is rare – and it’s what sets GoldiKnox apart.


Don't take our word for it

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